Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Swedish Matches

A Pair of Antique Swedish Matchboxes Featuring Roosters (The One on the Left Was Manufactured for the French Market)


Yet Another Vintage Swedish-Made Matchbox Featuring a Rooster on Its Label

 An Antique Luminous Safety Matchbox Made in Sweden with a Visually Striking Art Nouveau Label

A Vintage Ciclista Brand Matchbox Manufactured in Sweden with a Bicycle Motif on its Label

A Vintage Box of The Tiger Brand Safety Matches Manufactured in Sweden

An Antique Box of The Condor Brand Safety Matches Made in Sweden

A Matchbox, Produced Probably Sometime Between 1920 and 1950 by Eskil Holm of Stockholm, Sweden (a Company Best Known for Publishing Lithographic Postcards), Featuring a Signed Illustration by Famed Swedish Painter Aina Stenberg

Nine Boxes of La Petite Miniature Safety Matches Manufactured in Sweden Probably Sometime in the 1950's or 60's

A Vintage Swedish-Made Box of Engine Brand Impregnated Safety Matches Featuring a Railroad Theme
An Antique Jönköpings Tändsticksfabrik (Marketed as Cigar Lights in the U.S.) Match Box Produced in Jönköpings, Sweden During the Early 1900's

An Unusual Ohio Safety Matchbox Made in Sweden Probably Sometime Between 1928 and 1936 When Svenska Tändsticks AB (Swedish Match) Owned The Ohio Match Company

An Antique Box of The Eagle Brand Safety Matches Manufactured in Sweden


  1. Hello

    I have an very old condor match stick sign, let me know if any one interested

  2. Hi,
    I have a whole collection safety matches made in Sweden. Can you tell me anything about it, like when they were made and the value? I can sent you some pictures. You can reach me at my email adres:
    I hope to hear from you soon!

    1. Hi Rick,

      Thanks so much for your interest! Though I'm an avid matchbox collector, I can not claim to be an expert, and I'm not sure how much I can tell you about your collection. Most of my limited knowledge about my own collection has come from research on the internet.

  3. Thank you for posting this information. I bought a dainty little Chinese cloisonne match box holder, and was wondering the age of the box of La Petite matches inside.

  4. You are very welcome, I really appreciate your interest in my website. As I stated in my reply to the last comment, I am not an expert, and most of my knowledge about matchboxes comes from the internet. However I have acquired over a dozen of these La Petite Matchboxes of various ages. I have found some sources on the net that claim that these can date back at least to the 1930's, though I believe most of mine were manufactured in the 1950's or 60's. The problem with dating La Petite Matchboxes, is their logo and design stayed consistent, and did not change much through the years. However I like to pass on an interesting fact I discovered that might help you date your own matchbox. Apparently the Swedish Match Industry made the transition from using slides made of wood with a paper label pasted on to ones made of cardboard (called "skillets") with the label printed directly on the slide (I have both examples in my collection). So if your matchbox is wood, it's probably from the 60's or earlier of if it's cardboard, it'd likely to be from the 60's or later. Also after examining my own collection, I noticed all the older wooden matchboxes contained matches with red heads, while the newer cardboard ones have matches with black match heads. I hope this might prove useful to you.

  5. Nice Collections, Thank you for posting this information.....

  6. You are very welcome, and thank you for your kind comment!

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